About me

Hi everyone, my (pen)name is Anny, female. I’m a pseudo-extrovert person, meaning that I can be loud, out and about when with other people, but personally I enjoy my private time on my own and doing things I like, including reading, writing and painting (yeah things that are better done alone, hahaha).

Writing is my no1 hobby (and hopefully it can be something more than just a hobby in the future) and this blog is primarily a place where I write random stuff. And I do mean RANDOM. But whatever the topic might be, what written here are MY PERSONAL OPINIONS, I’m not representing anyone else or any sort of institutions or organizations.

I love:

  • My family and close friends, they mean the world to me
  • LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, been a Red since 2003, never looked back. YNWA
  • One Piece (the manga/anime series, not talking about swimsuits here)
  • The old Top Gear, and now The Grand Tour
  • Writing contests, primarily cuz they provide strong motivations for me to write
  • Books, flowers (peony is my favorite, but I love them all really), music
  • Shipping (if you know what I mean 😉 )
  • Coffee and tea, hence the blog’s name 😛
  • Travel? I love the idea of being on journeys, haven’t done it enough (money+time issues) but working hard to be able to travel more.

These topics will appear very often, I love them so I love writing about them. I don’t expect a lot of visitors so if you’re reading this, thank you very much and hopefully you find something interesting here.