Reaching goals, the mobile game way

It was 10pm on a Sunday, and I was glued to my phone, thinking hard. What was the best course of actions that would most likely give me improving results? I had 2 hours left to get this done, and I was sure as hell not gonna let those 2 hours pass in vain. Time wasn’t on my side but the pressure only added to my motivation, I wanted it and I would do my best to get it.

“It” was to rank 1st on the weekly league in SBTS, a mobile game that I’ve been playing for more than a month now. And my strategy paid off, I got first place and all the rewards that came with it, the biggest one was my own satisfaction. And then I thought, if only I could be this dedicated to my other goals in life, how far I would have come! What can I learn about the way this game is set up that could be applied to other tasks?

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The boy by the sea

(See end of post for notes)

He did not like festivals: too many people, too noisy, too chaotic. He would never go to one on his own, but it was his best friend’s birthday and the guy wanted to have a blast at a big festival with their group of friends. That was how he found himself tumbling through this endless stream of people after being dragged by his five buddies who were all social animals to an annual festival by the sea on a fine spring day. He did not like the festivity, but he liked the sea, so it was not a totally torturous ordeal.

spring day 1 jiminie

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Low Physical Footprint (it’s just a moving-related rant guys)

So I just successfully defended my thesis, I should be happy and, well, I kinda am. However, there’s something weighing on my mind now that it’s clear that I’m graduating next month: What to do with all the stuff I have? I can’t possibly take everything with me (and I don’t want to anyway), but I also do not want to be wasteful and just throw them away. I’m moving. Soon. Overseas. I have too much stuff. You get the picture. Continue reading

Thu Cuối

Sáng chớm lạnh trong lòng Hà  Nội

Những phố dài xao xác hơi may…”

6 giờ sáng thứ bẩy, mở mắt, căn phòng tối im lìm. Không một vệt nắng, không tiếng gió thổi. Lạnh. Chẳng hiểu sao cứ đến lúc giao mùa là mấy câu thơ cũ lại vang lên trong đầu, thiếu chút nữa là đọc lên thành tiếng. Nhưng ở đây không phải Hà Nội, và cái “chớm lạnh” ở đây cũng khác ở quê nhà, “chớm lạnh” ở đây là âm ba độ. Đã muốn kéo chăn kín đầu ngủ tiếp thì nhớ ra lí do tại sao phải dậy sớm: hôm nay là conference thường niên của khoa, thằng bạn cùng lab đã hẹn 7 rưỡi nó qua đón, thế nên dù rất tiếc nuối chăn ấm cũng đành buông em chó bông và bước khỏi giường. “Thôi lần cuối rồi, cố gắng!” Continue reading

Soon hot soon cold. Things and people come and go…

Alright it’s been a while since I last posted. It’s been a super hectic time but if everything goes well, I’ll have a decent break like 10 days from now and then I’ll be able to post more often. Anyway, today I wanna talk about short-lived obsessions, you know when you get SUPPPPEEEERRRR into something, almost to the point of being obsessed, but it only lasts for a few days or a week? Yes that kind of thing.

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Half a heart got you to nowhere

(Just being clear upfront: This is not a romantic post 😛 )

These days I don’t feel like myself. I feel lethargic, disengaged, detached. I feel like I’m just drifting through life without directions, letting the currents of life carry me to wherever without making a splash. There is a stillness to life and it’s not the kind of stillness that brings peace to the soul, it brings uneasiness and an intangible sense of fear. It’s rather disturbing.

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Đi tìm bình yên

Một hồi chuông reo, hai hồi chuông reo.

“Bà, bà cho con nghe…”

“Yên để bà nghe máy nào, dì gọi đấy!”

Hai giọng nói thân quen từ đầu dây bên kia khiến tôi bỗng dưng quên mệt mỏi; có chút ấm áp lan tỏa từ bờ kia đại dương, vượt nửa vòng trái đất và 12 tiếng đồng hồ chênh lệch để đến với tôi nơi chốn xa xôi này. Tôi cười khẽ, giọng nói có đôi phần hân hoan.

“A lô, con chào mẹ…”

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