Low Physical Footprint (it’s just a moving-related rant guys)

So I just successfully defended my thesis, I should be happy and, well, I kinda am. However, there’s something weighing on my mind now that it’s clear that I’m graduating next month: What to do with all the stuff I have? I can’t possibly take everything with me (and I don’t want to anyway), but I also do not want to be wasteful and just throw them away. I’m moving. Soon. Overseas. I have too much stuff. You get the picture. Continue reading

Farewell Chazzy

A life lost is a sad thing. A life well lived is something to celebrate.

And losing a life well lived is extra tough to take. It hits you. Hard.

On July 20th, I, and many others, were hit by the devastating news that Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, had passed away. It was so sudden, so sad that I almost did not believe it at first. It was a normal Thursday afternoon for me, taking a little break from running experiments, I checked my phone and saw my friend Su sending me a message “What, Chester committed suicide?!” I felt something broken inside me. Continue reading

How to Navigate this Blog

Hello kind visitors/ Xin chào các bạn,

Thank you for visiting CoffeeOrTea123. Below is a list of the categories (displayed on the sidebar on the RIGHT) and their short descriptions. Of course there are uncategorized posts which are better navigated by tags . I write in English and Vietnamese.


  • Blog Tiếng Việt: Tất cả các bài viết bằng tiếng Việt đều nằm trong mục này.
  • Opinion Blog: my opinions on various things, very often involve my real life experience/stories. Nothing too serious really, I DON’T write about politics/religions.
  • Inspired by a SONG: things I write based on/ inspired by song lyrics. This is also a place where I share some of my favorite songs.
  • Favorite Books: where I introduce my favorite books (mostly nonfiction)
  • My crappy attempts at fictions: exactly what that sounds like, this is where I post my fictional writings, mostly short stories. I’m not that good at writing fictions, but I’m trying, please be kind 🙂

Hope you enjoy your stay, come back anytime!

Hello New Blog

So I have decided to start a new blog (again! I don’t remember if this one is the 3rd or 4th blog but whatever). I was not good at keeping my previous blogs updated, and it seems a bit too ambitious to start a new one when I’m super busy with graduation coming and all that. But that’s just how I roll: busy –> thinking more, worrying more, feeling more –> need some outlet! I actually like being busy, despite what I talk about it in public, because it means I’m being active, moving, working, getting things done! I tend to want to write more when I have tons of work on my shoulders, which makes time management a bit tougher, but a buzzing life isn’t too bad, so I can deal with it.

I’m still not sure how I’m going to separate the English posts and the Vietnamese posts (I still enjoy writing in my mother language very much, thank you) but then again, that’s just technical problem, the most important thing is that I actually write something regularly. This is part of my RENEWED effort in result-oriented working: not just working hard but having something to show for it, even when that “something” is just a blog post. I have (long) realized that I tend to spend a lot of time thinking about/working on something without getting a tangible product out of it. Like I may have a nice idea on a writing project, spend hours researching, brainstorming and organizing thoughts IN MY HEAD, without actually writing anything down, then something else requires my attention, and the ideas/inspiration disappear.

I like writing a lot, and like anything I’m truly into, I want to be really good at it. Not just “above average” kind of good, it must be “showing off to the world” kind of good. I can be so-so about things I don’t really care much about, but once it falls into my “passion” category, that’s a whole different story. So I’ve made a point about “training” myself in writing, and that requires lot of practice. I plan to make it something pseudo-mandatory, like a class or even a part time job kinda thing, with regular assignments and stuff. I used to (and still) write only when I felt like doing it, now I would like to write a little piece everyday, and also challenge myself to broaden my range, with different genres and styles. I’ve started writing fictions recently, as apposed to only writing essays and non-fictions in the last few years. It’s actually not something new, more like returning to my root, as I used to write crazy fictional stuff back in junior high (my goodness, that sounds like a million years ago!)

And just like with my previous blog, this one would also serve as my “public diary”: a place where I narrate/celebrate/moan about my daily life. It’s not that exciting most of the time, to be honest, but every once in a while there’s more interesting stuff happening and I think it’d be lovely to share such thing. Of course I still keep a personal diary (real pen and papers my friends) for stuff that I’d rather not announce to the world. I think I had too big of a plan, too grandiose of a vision for my previous blogs, and when coupled with a lack of commitment, they failed miserably. It’s laughable really, how I imagined all the cool stuff I could do with those blogs, just to neglect them later. I’m trying not to make a same mistake with this one. In fact, I don’t have a goal or plan or anything for this blog, it is, as I just said, just a place where I write stuff. Whatever stuff. I’m not the most tech-savvy person in the world, I very much prefer pen-and-paper writing, just like how I prefer real (physical) books over e-books. But the world is changing, and even as old fashion as I am, I can’t deny the convenience that electronic devices and online blogging offer me. In short, as long as it works, then why not?

Oh and as stated earlier, this year is a busy year for me, but I’m not (hopefully) going to use that as an excuse for slacking off. I even think that the busy schedule should provide me with more writing material actually 🙂 Anyway, slacking off time is over, let’s work hard alright?