Những cô gái của tôi Phần 2

Su – bạn thân đến từ câu chuyện tình trắc trở, và ở lại vì chúng ta hợp nhau 😀

Phần tiếp theo trong chuỗi bài viết xin được nói về Su – nhân vật nữ chính trong cuốn tiểu thuyết mà một ngày nào đó tôi sẽ viết (và có thể cả bộ phim chuyển thể cùng tên luôn, tôi đã cho cô ấy biết về ý định này từ lâu rồi).

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The Paradox of Choice

It’s not just anxiety, it makes me lazy as ****

My apology for the **** above, but I’m just frustrated. Like really frustrated. Why? Because I just can’t make up my mind, I have too many choices! I’ve been troubled by this issue quite a lot lately, so I decided to google “too many choices”, and lo and behold, it is actually a psychological problem quite prominent in behavioral economics, with a number of studies and books published. Continue reading

Những cô gái của tôi. Phần 1.

Một trong những câu nói tôi tâm đắc nhất là “Những người đi qua cuộc đời bạn đều có lý do cả”, những cuộc gặp gỡ ngỡ như là tình cờ đều có khả năng thay đổi cuộc đời chúng ta dù rằng nhiều khi theo những cách ta không dễ dàng hiểu được. Nhưng với tôi, quan trọng hơn những người “đi qua” là những người “ở lại”. Continue reading

The Status Quo Bias: Why It’s so Hard to Change (Or maybe I’m just lazy)

The status quo bias is a term used in psychology to refer to a cognitive effect in which people prefer the “current situation” even when they are aware of the benefits of changing. I first encountered this term while watching an economic course video series from The Great Courses (I like these videos a lot, but recently haven’t had time for them), and I almost shouted out loud “Holy crap, that’s me!” Continue reading

Kiểm Soát sự Kỳ Vọng

(Bài này mình vừa post trên facebook, thấy ưng ưng nên post lại ở đây 😛 )

Trong tiếng Anh có một cụm từ mình rất thích và thường xuyên dùng, đó là “Managing expectations”, tạm dịch là kiểm soát sự kỳ vọng. Gần đây mình có đọc một số bài viết làm mình nghĩ đến vấn đề này.
Nhân dịp sáng nay đang cà phê thì thấy một bài viết trên facebook nội dung phản đối những bài viết của mẹ em Đỗ Nhật Nam cũng như một số bài báo “ăn theo” các bài viết đó, mình ngứa tay muốn viết mấy câu, mời các anh chị em bạn bè vào đọc và “chém”.

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Welcome to the Favorite Books category

Hi friends.

I really enjoy reading and I’m blessed to have a number of friends who share this love. I always try to read at least one book per month, and if time allows, the more the better. I mostly read non fiction books, and I have lost count of how many times things I read have helped me with my writing or even my life in general.

So I think I should dedicate one category on my blog to write about books I like. These are my personal opinions/feelings about the books, and not supposed to be proper “book reviews”. This category will be updated less frequently than others, simply because it takes time to read books 🙂

Happy reading!

I bought a Kindle and I like it, now what?

(Note: this was posted on my old blog on September 17, 2015)

If you care about Amazon at all, you probably know that they held an event on July 15th 2015 to celebrate the e-commerce giant’s 20thbirthday. This event, suitably named “Prime Day” was advertised to be a “more-deals-than-Black-Friday” shopping bonanza and one of the main purposes was to “lure” more people into the Prime program. The excitement over this unprecedented online July’s Black Friday built up substantially over the preceding weeks and then, burst spectacularly  on social media sites, where people posted all sorts of remarks about the deals being offered.  Despite all this drama and early reports on how Walmart beat Amazon on Prime Day, Amazon has decided to make Prime Day an annual event, enforcing their claims that July 15th has been a sweeping success. Continue reading

Know your fear, and DEAL WITH IT!

Featuring a real story about how I overcame my fear of a professor 😀

(Note: this was posted on my old blog on July 8, 2015)

I just got back in the States a day ago after a long flight and now I’m experiencing some jet lag. That’s why I’m still wide awake at 2 in the morning (and to make up for what’s this’s gonna do to my face, I’m already having a facial mask on). Being alone and awake at 2am makes one think about all sorts of fear, and since I don’t have anything better to do right now, I will share with you some stories about my fear. Continue reading

How to Navigate this Blog

Hello kind visitors/ Xin chào các bạn,

Thank you for visiting CoffeeOrTea123. Below is a list of the categories (displayed on the sidebar on the RIGHT) and their short descriptions. Of course there are uncategorized posts which are better navigated by tags . I write in English and Vietnamese.


  • Blog Tiếng Việt: Tất cả các bài viết bằng tiếng Việt đều nằm trong mục này.
  • NYTimes writing prompt series: This one includes all my essays in respond to a list on the NYTimes which include 650 writing prompts for narrative and personal writing.
  • Opinion Blog: my opinions on various things, very often involve my real life experience/stories. Nothing too serious really, I DON’T write about politics/religions.
  • Inspired by a SONG: things I write based on/ inspired by song lyrics. This is also a place where I share some of my favorite songs.
  • Favorite Books: where I introduce my favorite books (mostly nonfiction)

Hope you enjoy your stay, come back anytime!

The NYtimes Lists of Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writings

So I found this post on the New York Times while looking for stuff about personal essays. It’s a long list of 650 (yes Six Hundred and Fifty) topics. I think it’s a nice idea to write about stuff on this list (so now I can’t use the “but I don’t know what to write about” excuse). Some topics are more challenging than others but hey, how can I get better if I only stick to easy stuff? So no promises or anything but I’ll dedicate one category “NYTimes writing prompt series” on this blog for this series of essays. I’m quite excited actually, but the speed will inevitably vary since I have a lot more materials for certain topics and practically none for some others.

Anyway, if you also enjoy writing, take a look at this list. And you know what, I think it will be beneficial for job interviews hahaha, since many prompts on this list ask you to think about yourself, including many things that frequently feature in those tough interviews (leadership, working under pressure, changing people’s minds, etc). Have fun writing.