Reaching goals, the mobile game way

It was 10pm on a Sunday, and I was glued to my phone, thinking hard. What was the best course of actions that would most likely give me improving results? I had 2 hours left to get this done, and I was sure as hell not gonna let those 2 hours pass in vain. Time wasn’t on my side but the pressure only added to my motivation, I wanted it and I would do my best to get it.

“It” was to rank 1st on the weekly league in SBTS, a mobile game that I’ve been playing for more than a month now. And my strategy paid off, I got first place and all the rewards that came with it, the biggest one was my own satisfaction. And then I thought, if only I could be this dedicated to my other goals in life, how far I would have come! What can I learn about the way this game is set up that could be applied to other tasks?

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The Paradox of Choice

It’s not just anxiety, it makes me lazy as ****

My apology for the **** above, but I’m just frustrated. Like really frustrated. Why? Because I just can’t make up my mind, I have too many choices! I’ve been troubled by this issue quite a lot lately, so I decided to google “too many choices”, and lo and behold, it is actually a psychological problem quite prominent in behavioral economics, with a number of studies and books published. Continue reading

The Status Quo Bias: Why It’s so Hard to Change (Or maybe I’m just lazy)

The status quo bias is a term used in psychology to refer to a cognitive effect in which people prefer the “current situation” even when they are aware of the benefits of changing. I first encountered this term while watching an economic course video series from The Great Courses (I like these videos a lot, but recently haven’t had time for them), and I almost shouted out loud “Holy crap, that’s me!” Continue reading