The NYtimes Lists of Prompts for Narrative and Personal Writings

So I found this post on the New York Times while looking for stuff about personal essays. It’s a long list of 650 (yes Six Hundred and Fifty) topics. I think it’s a nice idea to write about stuff on this list (so now I can’t use the “but I don’t know what to write about” excuse). Some topics are more challenging than others but hey, how can I get better if I only stick to easy stuff? So no promises or anything but I’ll dedicate one category “NYTimes writing prompt series” on this blog for this series of essays. I’m quite excited actually, but the speed will inevitably vary since I have a lot more materials for certain topics and practically none for some others.

Anyway, if you also enjoy writing, take a look at this list. And you know what, I think it will be beneficial for job interviews hahaha, since many prompts on this list ask you to think about yourself, including many things that frequently feature in those tough interviews (leadership, working under pressure, changing people’s minds, etc). Have fun writing.